Faithfully Styled

Tom Ford once said “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” I was born and raised in the south, specifically Houston, Texas. Houston is a city of diversity, ingenuity, individuality, and character. I have traveled the world and there is nothing like Houston, Texas. Over the years I experienced different fashion trends. Even with my personal touch, some worked and others did not. My senior year of high school was when I really discovered my sense of style and knew who I wanted to be. Dressing well was not just a form of manners for me anymore. Dressing well was my style. A slew of sparkle and a touch of leopard was the name of my game. My style has since been perfected and grown  in expensiveness. Through this blog I will share my fashion finds and style inspirations so you can develop your own style and stand out, for good. Always.

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