Weekend Finds 11-11

Dallas, Texas was graced with my presence this weekend. As a Houston girl, I grew up with a love for the rivalry and a respect for the State. Houston and Dallas have had a feud for as long as I remember. Houston natives will argue ’till they are blue in the face about how amazing our city is. Among other things, we have a World Series Champion Baseball team, a heck of a basketball team, and faithful fans to our Texans (that may or may not give us headaches when we watch their games). But enough about the better city, Dallas was fun too.

After exploring the streets of Dallas, I found myself wandering around the Denton mall. As a faithful shopper, I am always looking for my next great find. This weekend I found suede booties at Buckle. These booties had my name on them as soon as I saw them. Complete with a silver buckle, wood heel, and a cushion filled sole. These boots are just as comfortable as they are cute. Accompanied with a sweater from Altard State and BKE jeans, this was the perfect outfit for North Texas weather. Stylish and comfortable, you can find this whole look at your local Buckle and Altar’d State stores.

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