Lets Get Real: Following Him

Psalm 24:3

Today’s devotional was all about our journey to follow Jesus. It’s not enough to follow  a routine or repeatedly say a prayer over and over again. We have to actively seek Him. Literally devote our entire beings to truly wanting to know Him. I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that I am 100% devoted. I like to think that I am and I like to know that I seek Him, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t truly devoted myself to Him in the same way He has devoted himself to us. I want to know Our Father and truly have a powerful relationship with Him. I want to stop asking top layer questions and get to know who He truly is in order for me to have a better understanding of His will and His plan for my life. This devotional made me realize how selfish I have been in my journey to understand Jesus. I need to be serious about following Him and truly dedicating myself to His word. We all have our personal daily routines for preparing ourselves for the day.  Maybe some of those routines include devotional times and reading the Bible, but is that enough? Our God knows everything about us but do we know everything about Him? Lets get real about knowing who He is and becoming better children.

Prayer: My Heavenly Father, thank You because of Your love for me. I don’t have to struggle, all I have to do is be still, stay close, and sit with you.  

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