Ruth: Woman Of The Year

Ruth 1-2

Over the past week I have been catching up on my church sermons. I have been so busy that I cannot make it to them on Sundays. But watching them or hearing the podcast is just as fulfilling. (Listen to them in the mornings while you are preparing yourself for the day, it is such a great way to kick it off.) Through this particular set of Sermons, we are studying the Book of Ruth. She is absolutely Faith, life, woman, sister, daughter, all of the above goals. She has truly dedicated herself to our God, her family, and to herself. She actively seeks Him in everything that she does and has truly devoted herself to being a woman of Faith.

Chapter one was about her journey to Bethlehem from Moab. Throughout her journey, her mother in law became a bitter woman. Blaming God for everything that has gone wrong in her life.  Left with no family but Ruth, they flee to Bethlehem. Ruth’s mother in law, Naomi, changed her name to Mara after wallowing in shame from what she thinks God was doing to her. When, in fact, He was working ahead of her and preparing them for what was to come. Who knows what kind of lives they would have lived if they stayed in Moab? Do you ever feel like God is constantly punishing you or that your life is always getting the short end of the stick? Look around, look at your blessings. Look at all that God has given you. What are you reading this on? Your phone? Blessed. What are you sitting on? Your bed like me? Blessed. What is over your head? A roof? Blessed. So what you didn’t get the job, you lost your favorite set of earrings, or your heart got broken. You most likely still have a roof over your head, a way to get a job, a family that loves you, and a God that has something even better in store for you. God didn’t put us in these situations or plan our lives to be easy. He isn’t just going to let you go about life without teaching you a lesson. Ruth dealt with the circumstances she was in and she went out and made something of herself after it. She fled her home in search of something greater because of the tragedy her family had seen. Sometimes we are waiting  on God to work on our lives when in reality God is waiting for us to actively work on our lives. We can become bitter or be better because of the situations we face.

So, while God is working, are you? Jesus takes care of us when we cannot take care of ourselves. If you choose to seek Him and take faithful action on your life, you will prosper and the blessings will continue to flow. Stop sitting back and waiting for something to happen and make it happen yourself. Read your bible, listen to the sermon, become a better child of God and He will bless you beyond belief.

Faithfully yours,


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