Goodbye November, Hello December

As the Christmas season continues to keep us retailers busy, we (sometimes) find the time to go shopping and be the customer for once. This past week was Thanksgiving and the start of the infamous Black Friday events across the nation. My store is in a mall so you can imagine how busy we are all the time. Black Friday was especially crazy. Looking back, it was all worth it though.

After all the time I spent tending to different customers throughout the weekend, I was finally able to find the time to do some Christmas shopping for my family and pick up a thing or two (maybe five) for myself. Aldo was having a great sale on their shoes and getting an extra 20% off was the cherry on top. The shoes I bought caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store. Velvet top with sparkles lining the heel, white platforms on the  bottom, and leather stitching used across the whole shoe. These were the perfect addition to my shoe collection and the best part was they were comfy enough to wear to work all day!

If you have ever been to Old Navy during any holiday season then you must know about the good sales they always have going on. Their flannel shirts are probably my favorite thing to buy during the holidays. They can dress up or dress down an outfit. They are easy to use as a focal piece or used to layer in/ texturize an outfit. Plus, the colors are always so complimentary to any fall/winter wardrobe.  The flannel I bought is linked above.

After finding the top and the shoes I started to plan my next outfit. I needed jeans to match the cute-casual look I was going for. My absolute favorite jeans are from my store, Altar’D State. They are so easy to wear and the comfort is even better. We only offer them in a dark and light wash but they’re a must have for your classic wardrobe.

As usual, I complete my look with my signature Ray-Bans. You’ll never find me out of the house without them. Polarized sunglasses have CHANGED MY LIFE!!! Seriously, you have to try them. So worth the price (and they look cute too).

Styled and ready to work, I felt so confident in my new outfit. I knew this was an opportunity to have a photo shoot so I dragged my best friend out to a cute scene for a few minutes and had some fun. This was so cute, casual, and totally perfect for the Texas winter weather we are having. I can’t wait to have another day off to find more cute additions to my closet. For now, I’ll keep on the look out for the presents I’m supposed to be buying and maybe something will catch my eye.

Faithfully yours,


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