Opportunity: Life

My church has been reading the Book of Ruth for the past few sermons. This bible study has been particularly inspirational for the stage I am at currently in life. Ruth has faced trials most of us have not seen. Unless you’ve had famine strike across your land, family die suddenly, and loss of literally everything then we probably haven’t faced the same things she did. Ruth remained faithful to God and that’s something we struggle with. She never once asked “why me?” She just accepted the trials and lessons God was teaching, and kept loving Him. She didn’t doubt Him or question His will. Everyone is facing something different every single day. We all have our on trials and tribulations, but our faithfulness to Jesus is what sets us apart. This is my opportunity to tell you I will be completely honest with you…I have questioned Him before. I have wanted to know why He does these things to people or why I was put into situations. But I am being selfish. I want to know why my plans didn’t go through the way I planned them. But did you catch that? I said MY PLANS. Those weren’t His plans and His will for my life. His ways are higher and much greater than I could ever imagine.

There was a guest speaker at Church this week by the name of Mullenga Chella. He was wrongfully committed of a crime for which He was later acquitted of. His story was absolutely inspirational and after looking at the trials I face, my complaints were unwarranted. This man, like Jesus and Ruth, faced trials we could never fathom or begin to imagine. Life was hard but their faith remained untouched. In fact, it grew and their love for God grew greater with each passing day. My pastor said “theres a point where our human hearts cannot handle anymore pain and it stops.” Eventually the pain subsides and this beautiful creation is revealed. At what point do you see this happening in your life? The biggest thing I can relate to is my past. The pain stops. The wondering stops. The crying and the agony of waking up just stops. It’s gradual, its not all of a sudden but, wow. You get the feeling of being able to breathe again and you see that all of this pain was worth it. That’s weird to think about, right? That all of the pain was worth it; It is. God gives us these trials to teach us lessons just like our parents discipline us to teach us lessons. Can you say that you are the same person as before all the pain started? Probably not. Suffering does things inside of us that comfort cannot do. The scars we have on our bodies and in our hearts cannot match the comfort we feel after. We know the pain and all the power it holds over us. But one day you’ll be able to feel that death grip slowly release and a new life will be revealed.

God prepares leaders through trials. He gives his toughest battles to his greatest warriors. That’s what we are. We are warriors. We won’t get bitter over the trials we face, we will get better. Eventually the pain stops and His beautiful creation is revealed. We have to remain faithful to His will and love Him unconditionally. We have to stop being selfish just because OUR plans didn’t work out and trust HIS PLANS. We have to see life as an opportunity to learn and create the beautiful life God has planned for us. My pastor also said “you’re either in the middle of a trial, just finished one, or about to go through one.” So no matter what stage you’re in in this life, trust His plan for you. All the suffering will stop; give yourself, your whole heart, your whole being to Him. Respond to all trials with Love. Love for Him, love for yourself, love for your pain, and the rest will be revealed to you in the greatest way possible. Open up your Whole Heart and see what happens to your pain. Ruth remained faithful, opened up her heart, and her beautiful plan was revealed. We are no different. Your pain stops. Remember that. Seize your opportunity to have a beautiful life.

Faithfully yours,


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