Tis the season for unusual outfits! Cold in the morning and hot in the evening. This crazy Texas weather has us dressing all kinds of ways. 75% of the time I am wearing a sweater and shorts, but when I have to be appropriate for work, I bust my leggings out. This is the best time of the year to buy leggings because of the “fitness resolution” craze and the abundance of semi-annual sales going on. My favorites have been Altar’d StateBath & Body Works,  and of course, Victoria’s Secret. My love for leggings is already apparent, but with these sales, it just continues to grow. They keep me warm and free to move to tackle all tasks I face.

Semi- Annual season is a time for retailers to rid of previous season’s lines in order to make room for the new arrivals. According to Women’s Wear Daily, spring trends will include: Americana, Fancy Denim, Neon, pastel, satin, fringe, tulle, and many others; But those are just my favorites. As we receive shipment, pastel hues are making their way into my store. I absolutely cannot wait to shed the sweaters and break into the pretty pinks and floral prints we are seeing. Although I love me some leggings, fancy denim is a perfect compliment to these sweet spring arrivals too. White, high waisted, raw hem jeans accompany outfits I have merchandised on tables and create perfect cute-casual looks. One of my favorite boutiques in Tomball, Texas has some really cute raw hem skinny jeans to accompany the embroidery and neon trends we will see this spring. Y’all should check them out and grab a pair the next time you’re out there.

But enough talk about these trends, lets talk about LEGGINGS!!

Pictured above are my new favorites from Victoria’s Secret. They are so cute, so comfortable, and perfect for whatever you have planned for the day. The link above will take you to the pink ones I am wearing. The silver/white pair in the left picture can be found in VS stores. Clearly I love to pair them with black tops, but they look cute with my favorite Nike Half Zip when I am working out, my favorite sweater when I am going to work or half a busy day planned, and my ultimate go to: my daddy’s vintage wrangler shirt from his bull riding days. The leggings have a personality and accompany all types of outfits and styles so perfectly. This is YOUR year and YOUR time to get them at the best prices. (Right now through January 11, all sport leggings from VS are 50% off!!!!! Hello SALE!)

I am a firm believer that leggings are real pants and you will catch me sporting them 75% of the time I leave the house. Next time you are feeling adventurous, pick up a pair (that aren’t black) and show off that booty, girl! I promise they will make you feel like you can take on the world AND make you look good at the same time.

Faithfully yours,


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