My girl, Esther: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Queen Vashti Deposed

To start the book, we learn that King Xerxes was ruler of 127 provinces stretching from India to Cush. Throughout his time reigning, he held a banquet for 7 days to celebrate his wealth and riches. He enjoyed showing off his glory and material things to the lesser people of his ruling area. This made me wonder how this can be translated to our lives. Do we do things to show other people the riches and wealth that we have? Do we parade around our materialism? We may not do this in a blatant manner the way King Xerxes did, but we could be guilty of showing off our  possessions and forget to remember the important values in our lives. Like I said before, character and respect are very important things to hold high as our primary values in our lives, not possessions.

As King Xerxes celebrates his possessions, Queen Vashti held a banquet to celebrate the women of the land. On the last day of the celebration, the King wanted to show off his Queen and all her beauty, but she refused. She chose not to be paraded around as an item. She had more respect for herself. Like we should be doing, she was confident in her inner beauty and her personal values. She would rather celebrate the women around her and bask in her moral values than be shown off to males as an object her husband was proud to have accumulated.

Her actions were viewed as disrespectful. The king and his board of advisors thought her actions were defiant against the law and she should be punished. They also believed that her actions would become known to the women of the land and they would be disobedient to their men as well. As the king and his men deliberated, they decided to banish the Queen from the king’s presence and fill her position with someone better. They thought that if they issued a royal decree, women of the land would follow in suit and continue to obey their husbands. This showed that they valued looks over character, males over females, and saw beautiful women as objects to be shown off and accumulated. To further prove the king’s power, his dispatches visited every man in the ruling land and in their own language, explained to them that they were to be the rulers of their own household. Any woman who was defiant was disobeying the law.

Crazy, right? We are in a day and age that women are seen as equal beings and have mostly the same opportunities as men. Queen Vashti respected herself enough to not be paraded around as an object. You should do the same. You were created to be this beautiful being and you have the power to do whatever it is that you want to accomplish. God created everyone with a purpose. He did not create any male or female to be dragged around as a possession or something to accumulate. He created everyone with beauty, wisdom, and the will to want more. You have a unique character special to you. With that, you should have respect for yourself and the people around you. We all have the power to be as strong as Queen Vashti. God will show you your purpose. No child of God is less than extraordinary, He has a plan and purpose for you. As His children, we have to be proud of our values and hold those to higher standards than the material items we possess.

Remember your values and why God created you. You are so extraordinary.

Faithfully yours,



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