My girl, Esther: Chapter 2

Esther Made Queen.

After King Xerxes’ anger subsided, he remembered his former Queen and her actions. His royal council proposed a search for beautiful virgins. These ladies would be gathered, pampered, and presented to the king. Whoever best pleased him would be the new queen.

In the royal city, a jew by the name of Mordecai (who was exiled from Jerusalem) lived with his cousin, Esther. He brought Esther to live with him in the royal city because she had no parents. He felt he should raise her as his own and they lived together in the city of Susa.

Esther was beautiful in form and features. Enough to be noticed by the King’s men. So when the royal search was out, Esther was taken to the palace as a contender to win over the king. There was a royal minder assigned to be in charge of all the women. In a preliminary round, Esther was beautiful enough to please him and had SEVEN maids assigned to her. (What a dream, am-i-right???) She received her royal beauty treatments, ate special foods, and stayed in the best place on the grounds. Throughout all of this she always made impressions but never revealed her family history.

In order to be presented to the king, the girls endured TWELVE MONTHS of beauty treatments. (Can you imagine?) Then she would bring gifts and bear herself to the king over an evening with him. If he was pleased, he would summon her by name the next time. When it was Esther’s turn, she brought herself to the king and by her simple actions, won his favor. He deemed her more attractive than any other, placed a crown on her head, and called her Queen.

In a time where Jews were exiled, Esther’s actions proved her noble being. Remember, she never spoke of where she came from. Her actions were there to speak louder than her words. She let the people trust her and her actions won their favor and got her a crown.

Do your actions show your true being? Or do your words speak to who you are? It is always easier to say than to do. Your actions lead to your purpose and although it may not be clear right now, someday it will be. Just like God chose Esther to be Queen, God chose you to do something special too.

Let your actions speak louder than your words, princess.

Faithfully yours,


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