Alright Spring, Do Your Thing.

Altar’d State has a sweet spot for Spring Trends. I started shopping with the store long before I worked here. I always found the best pieces this time of the year. As a brand, we THRIVE during the spring. The details in every piece really showcase who we are as a brand. Fall trends are fun, but Spring is where we shine. The delicate lace, the pastel and light colors, and the on-trend picks are worth making the trip to the store every week. It’s like Christmas all over again when we are opening our boxes to see what pieces we are getting. I am so ready to add to my closet and show y’all how I style everything.

Recently, we began to transition the store around from the fall floor set into the spring floor set to better accompany the merchandise we are seeing. There are hints of embroidery, chambray pieces, linen, and high-waisted button front jeans sprinkled throughout our “shops.” From a merchandising standpoint, tables/racks/walls are outfitted to better show off the latest fashion trends and really showcase special items. Our “color stories” within each shop or personality take all the hard work out of picking out what to outfit with each other. One on-trend pick can be paired with multiple things laid out or hung in an area. Mannequins show off what our store favorites are; while the windows show off show the best fashion trends you NEED in your closet.

Don’t worry. We will help you hide your shopping bags. 

My favorite and best (in my opinion) part of the store is the windows. They’re the First Impression someone has of the store. It’s just a small glimpse of the merchandise we have to offer. As merchandisers, we pick items that best showcase the trends we want to focus on for the week, coordinate color palettes, and play dress up! Spring time is full of garden parties, beach weekends, outdoor weddings, and family gatherings. Some favorites to wear to these functions are linen shortschambray tops, and nautical dress-rompers. Each of these items I linked are easy to wear. You have the option of dressing them up and dressing them down, you can rock a pair of sandals or a pair of cute heels, they versatile from day to night functions, and they’re all SO comfortable.

For the first set of outfits I picked for the windows, I wanted to stay true to who our customer was. The Woodlands area see’s all kinds of people. We are a huge oil company based city. Being relatively close to an international airport, we have a lot of visitors from out of the state and sometimes out of the country. Our customers have places to be and people to see so they want to look and feel their best. These looks can be worn state side or on an international vacation. Lets just hope the cold stays away ’til next winter.

This is where we shine. 

The theme for the window this spring is a French flower shop. There are beautiful flowers blooming all throughout the window. Buckets of flowers fill the floor, ivy is growing up through the cracks of a handmade trellis, and bouquets are ready to be picked for someone special. I chose soft lace pieces because I wanted to showcase the essence of the window. It’s so new and so beautiful, the neutral palette was a perfect compliment to the pop of color that fill every space of the window itself.  There are seven mannequins in total. Each outfit represents a different function you can be styled to attend. We love when clients come in with a specific event they need to be styled for. It’s fun and a learning experience for the both of us.

During different parts of the year, we dedicate 10% of our Net Proceeds on Monday’s to local organizations that correspond with the theme we have. We are currently benefitting pet-themed organizations. So, Altar’d State designed a cute dog house to spark conversation behind our passion for Mission Monday. My sweet friend, Megan, constructed the house and I wrote on the roof to help bring attention to the charity we will be working with this season. Of course we want you to shop with us everyday, but Monday’s are especially important to us.

I can’t wait for you to be styled in all of our new arrivals. We hope to see you soon! For now, check out some of the fresh pieces we have merchandised into new shops & personalities.

Faithfully yours,


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