Bust out your boots, girl.


Boots and jeans are probably my top pick for favorite staple outfits. Being a Texas gal and raised by two parents who love Rodeo, boots have always been some of my favorite things to wear.

Altar’d States’ new spring line hosts a variety of pastels, Americana-boho themed florals, and beautiful embroidery details. I’ve added quite a few of these new items to my closet recently. Our seasonal linen shorts, Southwest theme floral dresses, and trend inspired sandals have already been styled to fit the events I’ve had going on. I can’t wait to see what more we get so I can add those to my vault too!

One of my recent picks caught my eye after I was styling an outfit for a customer. It was a sage green, floral embroidered, cotton top. Sound simple, but I knew it would be so cute paired with our signature girlfriend denim. Aside from leggings (read my love for them here), I have so many pairs of girlfriend denim. They’re just so easy to wear! So, I put together the outfit, fell in love, and swiped my card. Getting home I wanted to see if the shirt was versatile with different outfits so I matched my new top with a pair of boots and jeans. Can you say Rodeo ready? Around this time of the year, Rodeo is always on my brain so knowing I can create outfits that will be comfortable across all the events is an absolute must. The top was so eye catching and it fit the boots and jeans look so perfectly.  The top has enough ruffle to it to sit well across both types of jeans and it works with sandals & boots, perfect for Texas weather.

This was definitely a good find & was even more comfortable to wear. Check out my mini fashion photo shoot and tell me what you think!

Faithfully yours,


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