Waco, TX.

Welcome to Waco, Texas

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the famous “Magnolia Market” calls Waco home. Huge rustic silos, beautiful landscaping, and sweet details throughout this famous little corner make for a beautiful adventure. The famously beautiful couple, Chip and Jo, widely known as the “fixer uppers” have transformed home renovations into a beautiful dream for people across the nation. #shiplap has become a popular term and very requested wallscape when it comes to home renovations.

On my travels from Austin to Denton, I was excited to finally check out the Silos everyone has been talking about.

It was a beautiful day for a drive. The clouds were fluffy and the sky was a light blue. I’m not the best with navigation so when I finally found the street I was supposed to turn on to get to the Silos, I was relieved. If you’ve ever been here you know you cant miss them. The HUGE, rustic silos stood tall while the sun beams peeked through the clouds and hit them perfectly.fullsizeoutput_f9d On the corner of the Market stood the newest addition to The Silos. “Silos Bakery” was lined with people down the block. I stood on the opposite corner waiting to cross the road in complete awe. These people were gathered in large groups awaiting a turn in the bakery. The aromas filling the Waco air were delicious but it was too cold out for me to stand in line….this time.

The scenery around this entire property is absolutely stunning. From beautiful ivy covered walls to perfectly placed garden tiles, touches of rustic-chic landscaping, and beautiful people gathered made for the perfect scene. There were girls having photoshoots, families chatting about their renovation dreams, and first timers (like me) walking up the steps of the shop waiting to be greeted by the sweet workers standing at the door.

From the minute you walk in, there’s something for everyone. There are beautiful buckets of trinkets, hand picked recipes filling cookbooks, wall art…..the list goes on. The entire place left me in awe. I could have sat there for hours devising a plan to remodel my entire home.

I cant be the only one that has thought “oh I can totally do this.” Just a lil’ elbow grease and paint should do the trick, right? HA. I’ll leave this one to the Pro’s.

As you walk down and out of the shop you see a beautiful green area to play games and take in the scenery. The place is crawling with people of all ages. Did I mention it was PET FRIENDLY?! So, not only are there beautiful people in a beautiful scene, there are beautiful puppies too.

How can it get any better than this? Oh, I’ll tell you.

Food trucks of (almost) every kind are lining the yard. Burgers and smoothies, pizza and popcorn, the trucks had it all. It was so hard to choose, but being on the road all day I really wanted some energy. I came across Luna Juice Bar. Y’all already know how close giving back is to my heart. Anytime I can help someone, I do my best to ensure they are appreciated and further in their journey. Luna juice does just that; they give people a second chance. I wont spill too many beans, but the organization is incredible. Read more about them here. I was so grateful that I stumbled upon them and the gal behind the counter was just as sweet as my smoothie was. She was kind enough to share more about the juice bar and their upcoming store front opening.

Smoothie in hand, I continued to explore the rest of the property.

In a corner surrounded by edible vegetation stood a garden-flower shop. There was a line circling the building filled with people buying more trinkets, seed packets, and supplies to start a fairy garden. It was really cute and I wished it wasn’t so cold so I could have seen how beautiful the place was when everything was blooming. I look forward to coming back in the warmer months to see how incredible this place truly is.

Overall, The Magnolia Market was amazing and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to visit for a short while. Waco is home to the oldest university in Texas and the cutest (not so) little silos I have ever seen. If you ever have the chance to take a Sunday drive and explore this place, don’t pass it up. It is most definitely worth it.

Until my next trip.

Faithfully yours,


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