Pre-Fall Trends 2018

Yep, you read that right. PRE. FALL. TRENDS.

This is literally the FIRST day of spring and we are already thinking about fall?? *death drop*

death drop

I don’t have a favorite season, because I love them all, but Fall is definitely one of my favorite times to look toward new trends. Spring has some fun pops of color and patterns, but the real magic happens in the fall.

In January, Women’s Wear Daily released an article with the 5 best trends of pre-fall. I was so excited to see the trends and how I can style them personally. Many stores are starting to filter these styles into their spring/summer fashion and they are so cute!! So lets get started….

  1. Graphic Stripes: Stripes make me think of nautical fun and who wouldn’t want to look trendy when a yacht is involved? Graphic stripes are so beautiful and so flattering on every body type. Vertical stripes elongate, Horizontal stripes widen. Stores like American EagleAltar’d StateUrban Outfitters, and my favorite boutique: Giddy Up Glamour are all showcasing the best stripe trends right now. I recently purchased a stripe jumpsuit from my store and it is the most comfortable outfit I have been in (this week). These bold stripes look great both alone and layered into outfits so you’ll never go wrong with this trend. fullsizeoutput_10a3

2. Matching Sets: I love how easy this trend is. Two pieces that look cute alone or together. They can be dressed up or down to any spring event and they come in so many varieties. The sets allow for true styling to take place. Forever21ASOS, and Charlotte Russe have some really great options for matching sets. You can always wear one or the other but you’re truly a STATEMENT with both pieces. Style your outfit with layers, lots of accessories, and bold jewelry for a unique look.

3. Sequins: Flowers + Sequins……GORGEOUS!! Glitz and glam will always be my favorite type of look. Spring is #weddingszn, a time for floral themed photo shoots (at Texas Tulips), and graduation party celebrations. Not to mention, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and many more shenanigans to show some glam at. With a reason to party, why not pick a sequined outfit to truly steal the show. This cute dress from Dillard’s, shows feminine lace detail with a hint of sequins. For my girls that love a lot of glitz, Nordstrom, has a lot of cute dresses that are beyond perfect for spring events. I’m a sucker for glitter so you’ll be seeing a lot from me.   giphy-downsized

4. Plush fur: With the fashion industry battling with the fur banishment movement and Texas feeling like 1000 degrees in the summer, fur is a trend I will not be likely to see around these parts. Though, it is a really great fashion accessory and a staple in any high-fashion closet, the trend is here for pre-fall. You can absolutely join the movement to not use real fur and opt for the faux kind. It’s just as trendy, but better for the environment.  Forever21Shein, and New York & Company all have budget and environmental friendly picks to match this trend.

5. Animal Prints: If theres something I love even more than glitter, its animal prints. Specifically leopard print. You name it, I’ve got it covered in leopard. Reese Witherspoon once said “If it ain’t moving, monogram it.” Well, I say, if it ain’t moving, cover it in leopard. Seriously y’all, if I could have a leopard covered house, I would. This is my favorite trend going into fall because it is a HUGE statement. Not just in leopard, but any animal print. Snakeskin, zebra, giraffe, cow hide…the list goes on. Any animal print can accompany any lifestyle. With Houston being a melting pot of different cultures, I can see this trend applying across all people. Macy’s offers a wide variety of dresses in these prints across all budgets & styles. Nordstrom has a lot of options for animal print shoes ready to dress up and create a statement for any outfit. Target has animal print accessories to accompany your style, your kid, your home, and your tech gadgets. Like I said, leopard is my favorite, but any print will be perfect for the fall.

These fall trends are going to be amazing and I can’t wait for the fashion transition. All of these trends are ready to buy and be styled in stores now. You’ll be seeing all of them added into my closet soon!

Until my next shopping adventure.

Faithfully yours,


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