Welcome to Washington

Faithfully keeping promises to explore more this year.

Oh, it feels good to be going home. I am currently sitting on a flight headed to Kansas City and later, Houston. I’m excited to get back to the H after this amazing (and cold) vacation. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing our travels in a series of posts. Each day was filled with new adventures and I would literally write a book if I crammed them all into one post. So, I’ll spare y’all & I’ll keep them short.

Stay tuned for more vacation posts (and pictures!!) to come.


Last year, Momo (that’s my grandmother if you don’t know) told me she wanted to go to Canada. She’s retired and wanted to explore so, I decided to make it  happen. She got her passport, I booked the flights & hotels, and we were off.

We eagerly packed our bags and headed for the airport. A long day of traveling was ahead of us, but what was to come was totally worth it. We landed in Seattle after about 6 hours of flying since 7 am. Having the 2 hour time difference was a HUGE blessing. Instead of losing a whole day of vacation for travels, we gained a few hours and got to do more with our day. Without skipping a beat, we loaded up our rental car and were ready for our new adventure.

We had a beautiful morning of flying with clear skies and little clouds so we got to see a lot of the landscape before we even touched the ground. When we finally started driving around, the views were even more spectacular. The mountains surrounded the entire city and you had beautiful views everywhere you looked. Y’all know I love Austin, Texas and all the beauty this city has to offer. If you’ve ever been you know that you have to be prepared for hills….everywhere. Yeah, they have nothing on Washington. I’m talking HUGE hills you’re driving on and the most incredible scenery to accompany them. I was amazed just looking around. Momo was my shotgun rider so she was the one taking most of the pictures and looking at everything, but the view I had, was just as beautiful. You’d power up a hill just to be graced with mountain views at the top, then back down to the roots of grand trees, and back up to more beautiful views.

Having (almost) a whole day of vacation to start out with was really helpful. We were leaving for Canada in the morning so we wanted to do something big but not overwhelming. The perfect place was Pike Place Market. I’ve seen pictures and heard stories of how cool this place was but nothing compared to the real thing. There were people hustling and bustling everywhere, standing in lines, selling their goodies, or just taking in the scene. Now, I’ve been to quite a few farmers markets and being from Texas, I’ve visited lots of craft shows in the hill country but the fresh picks and beautiful  craftsmanship you see here is UNREAL. Some of the first things you see when you walk into the market are fresh flowers and jam. All sorts of fresh flowers are gathered in the most beautiful bouquets I have ever laid my eyes on. The whole scene looked like something out of a movie. I suddenly imagined having a coastal bike with a cute basket on the front and filling it with fresh flowers every morning in my imaginary perfect life. Sadly that wont come true anytime soon, but I wont give up all hope just yet. The more you walk through the market, the more you find. There are all kinds of things being sold. The market also has multiple levels so there are even more things to accumulate as you explore the lower levels of the market.


The jam was yummy and the flowers were captivating, but the real fun is the fresh fish and how entertaining (and cute) the market fisherman were. They stood proud with the fresh catches displayed on the fresh ice along the market path. There were all kinds of things to look at.   Huge lobster tails to small shrimp, they had it all. You could just imagine how fresh everything tasted. Every time someone orders something, the market men shout little things to each other. Sometimes they are just repeating the order back to the person at the register, but other times it’s chants of entertainment. Someone buys a large fish? They will literally THROW the fish across the market store to each other….want to make it an even better experience? You can catch one yourself. Yeah, I’m not kidding. They just randomly select someone they’re entertaining and you could be lucky enough to catch a fish. I thought about making my way to the front of the crowd to have a better chance of being selected to catch a fish, but my adventuring was all done for the day…and I didn’t want to smell like fish for the remainder of the day.

Momo and I snaked our way through the crowds and eventually found our way out. Being the first day, we decided to keep the shopping to a minimum and wait till our last day to come back and get all the goodies we wanted. After we made our way out of the market, there were even more stores and eatery’s to be explored. Momo and I were starving (and cold) so, we picked out a place called Steelhead Diner.  It just so happened to be Restaurant week during the time we were visiting and this place did not disappoint. We chose a light three-course meal featuring a yummy salad, a salmon dinner for me & a steak dinner for Momo, and a brownie dessert for each of us. It was delicious. As was the wine we paired it with. I’ve been on a Pinot Noir kick lately so, naturally I asked our waiter for his personal recommendation. His wine choice, again, did not disappoint.


We walked back to the parking garage and were shocked to see such a beautiful view. Outside of the market was a deck overlooking the highway below and the ocean view across. You could faintly see mountains in the distance, trees lining the lands,  and houses nestled into the landscape. What a way to wake up every morning. The sun was setting so it made the view almost picture perfect. If you closed your eyes, the cars passing by sounded like waves, and you could smell the crisp ocean air. It was so peaceful. Overall, it was a beautiful way to be welcomed into Seattle and the first day of vacation. We were excited to see what the rest of the week had to offer. 


Stay tuned for more vacation posts and pictures!

For now, I hope you enjoyed reliving our journey to Seattle.


Faithfully yours,


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