The Road To Canada

Oh what a day this was. I’m some excited to share all the wonderful details of our adventures from one of my top three days of the trip.

First off, I apologize for not sharing my trip details the past couple of days. Getting back into my normal work routine has been challenging. But I’m back, so let’s get started.

Our hotel was fairly new so we had crisp sheets and a beautiful view as the sun was going down and we were tucking ourselves in. We woke up bright and early the next day (about 6 am to be exact) so we could start adventuring early on. We opted out of the hotel breakfast and searched for the nearest coffee shop. We found a place called The Jewel Box Cafe & we fell in love. It quickly became a favorite and we ended up visiting the place a few more times when we went back to Seattle. This place was unbelievable. The vibe was so eclectic and the decor was so intriguing. Above the fireplace stood a mural to David Bowie (RIP) and the other pictures were perfect tributes to the whole vibe. 3yUXaLKqRuKJwd+y9cQThe menu was beautifully decorated with chalk writing and the smell of FRESH coffee wafted its way through the air.

I got a breakfast crepe and Momo got a breakfast toasted sandwich. Both were SO delicious. This was my first time having a crepe and it didn’t disappoint. Have to say though, the absolute best part about this yummy meal was the coffee. Seattle is often referred to as “THE coffee capital of the world.” No joke, this was the best coffee I’ve ever had. I’ve always been a #starbs girl but this coffee put my previous orders to shame. I opted for a Carmel macchiato on this cold morning. It came in a sweet mug with a little heart design on it. The barista must have known I was going to fall in love first sip because it was DELICIOUS! She is a true artist. I (almost) asked her to accompany us on the rest of the trip just so I can have this scrumptious concoction everyday. It was just that GOOD.

Tummies full and seat warmers on, we were off to CANADA! Vancouver was about a 2.5 hour drive from our hotel in Seattle so it wasn’t too bad. God was most definitely watching out for us on our drive because it turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun was shining, it was a comfortable 54 degrees, and not a single rain cloud was in sight, for the time being. Halfway through the drive I started to see more signs for state parks, national forests, and scenic rest stops. I started thinking about my sweet daddy and his love for exploring the outdoors. My sister and I get our adventurous genes from him so we enjoy going off the paved roads for new experiences. I asked Momo if she was up for the challenge of going off the map for a bit and she cheerfully agreed. fullsizeoutput_1256

We found ourselves deep in El Camano State Park and it was incredible. The drive to the state park crossed a major highway which we later found out was the only connection to the ISLAND we had driven to. After rounding the mountain and putting our Infiniti rental in sport mode I was really ready for an adventure. We ended up finding a beach to park at and it was a sight that just took your breath away. The winds were strong and so cold because they were coming from the Northern Pacific Ocean, but it didn’t stop us. This beach was unlike anything I have ever seen before. Along the entire shoreline was pebbles. Beautiful rocks of all sizes, shapes, and colors. It was incredible. We found signs that showed what marine life visited these cold waters. Among the sea lions, porpoises, and native fish, there were ORCA whales, blue whales, and other large creatures. Y’all, I was speechless. Like could this place be any more break taking? God’s creation right here before our very eyes. I couldn’t be more thankful to have had the opportunity to see this myself. Momo was off exploring the rocks unique in their beautiful forms while I checked out the trees that washed up on shore. My daddy always taught me that trees have special stories that make them unique. They have rings that grow as the tree ages. The more rings and wider a tree is, the older it is. These tree trunks were all a pale cream color and had beautiful roots. They looked like they just wanted you to sit on them and take in the scenery. I couldn’t believe how LARGE they were and kept wondering what the story was behind them. The entire beach was so amazing and I am so fortunate to have gotten to explore this natural beauty with my Momo.

We left this beautiful State Park and all of its glory to get back on the road to Vancouver. From here it was about an hour till we reached our destination. The drive continued to be marvelous all the way through the Canadian border. Crossing the border was surprisingly quick. The nice border patrol agents scan your passport and pass you along. As soon as you’re on Canadian ground, the signage changes in all sorts of ways. First, the speed limits change from MPH to Kilometers and the signs have French and English translations. The advertisements are different too. But, the best part were all the signs pointing to wineries. Unfortunately it started raining and I clearly don’t know my way around the area, so we decided to save that excursion for another day.

We finally got to Vancouver and were welcomed with a large cloud of rain. It just kept pouring down and we were getting hungry so we just decided to find a place to eat and start our exploring. We found a little bistro called The Twisted Fork. Let me just say, Canadians know how to make mimosas. We toasted each other and downed our yummy drinks before ordering the first delicious meal we would remember as a Canadian first. I had fresh toast stuffed with bananas foster topped with (no surprise) maple syrup. Momo chose a pulled pork sandwich with a maple glaze and sweet potato fries. Both plates were yummy and even after another round of mimosas to wash it down, left us so full. This was a delicious welcome to the second day of vacation.

Finally, to end our first Canadian day, we ventured out to Granville Island. Seems to be an island day for us, right? Totally worth it. This place was so cool. It was all of my favorite things rolled into one cool, edgy place. There was public wall art, shops for fresh flowers and handmade items, breweries, and local eateries. There were cool, abstract statues and fun places to explore little trinkets being sold. Everything about this place was so charming. It was still raining, but it was a pretty scene. Across the water you could see large boats carrying fresh shipment items to one side of the island and on the opposite view, you can see the city and the beautiful skyscraper views. It was so peaceful taking in the scene in the rain. Again, I was so thankful for the opportunity to share these memories with my Momo. Such an incredible experience.

(In the bottom right corner I’m posing with a chocolate CHICKEN. Most delicious and beautiful chicken I’ve ever seen.)

Overall, day two was so fun and full of adventure. Day three was planned to be our outdoor exploration day so stay tuned for the best day I’ve ever had hiking. You’re not gonna want to miss these views.

I hope you enjoyed these adventures as much as I did!

Faithfully yours,


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