So, I’ve noticed a trend with #bloggers lately and more often I’m seeing more people being #transparent with their following. Blogging isn’t always about the glitz and glam, there are real people behind the posts with real life happenings. Not everyone has their life perfectly together (don’t you just WISH that was possible) and we all slip up sometimes. But that’s the beauty of being transparent. Sharing real things and being completely honest and relatable. Y’all, I apologize for my absence lately. BUT, my hiatus has come to an end. Having a blog is hard work (but so worth it) and getting back into the swing of things after a vacation is even harder. But, this has come to an end and I am fully submerged back into my normal life so I will resume regular postings from here on out. This is me being #transparent in order to be a more relatable lifestyle influence. So, let’s get back to business.


Day 3: #Vancity

We woke up bright and early yet again. I have always been an early riser and our senior generations are notorious for waking up early as well. Momo and I used our early morning habits to our advantage. We left our South Vancouver hotel room to explore the North Vancouver region. There were so many parks the landscape had to offer. One thing I particularly enjoyed about Vancouver culture was the heavy influence of nature. This was the first of TWO sunny days we would see on this trip and everyone was outside enjoying the beautiful weather. People of all ages were exploring the land and making memories in their favorite spots. We mapped out what we wanted to see, loaded up our car, and headed out on our third day of adventure.

Quarry Rock was the first stop for our day of Vancouver adventures. I learned that this was an easier hike for people who wanted to explore an easier trail and be rewarded with a stunning view. We parked on the east end of the cove and headed out on our morning trek. It was cold so I brought a Starbucks along for the walk. People of all ages were already exploring the trails with their babies and dogs alongside them. It was wonderful to see how many people enjoyed being outside and under the sun when the weather permitted. Momo and I quickly learned that we were NOT in half the shape that these people were. Some moms had back backpacks with a kid on the front AND on the back AND they were lapping us as we (slowly) made our way up the mountain. I’d like to report that I was able to make it up to the peak just fine, but I’d be fibbing if i told you so. We had to stop “to take in the scenery” quit a few times. Quarry RockIt quite literally took your breath away. Along the way we encountered 3 waterfalls, an endless amount of grand trees, beautiful scenery, and captivating views everywhere you looked. After about 2 hours, we made it up to the top. The view up there was stunning. After you trek through a canopy of trees and lush greenery, the trees stop growing and the edge of the mountain appears. You have a panoramic view of the entire city of Vancouver. To the left is more mountains that lead up to Whistler. More thick forests ahead and to the right is the city off in the distance. Below were sailboats enjoying the water and the beautiful day ahead of them. We were tucked away in an area of the cove that was quiet and serene. Groups of people were quietly taking in the landscape and enjoying what Vancouver had to offer. It was amazing and completely liberating to feel like you’re on top of the world with views like this.

After making our way back down the mountain, we headed out for our next stop, Lynn Canyon Park. In this area of Vancouver there were two options for suspension bridge parks. One was Lynn Canyon and the other was the Capilano suspension bridge park. I am not the biggest fan of bridges, but I’m always up for an adventure so, the Lynn Canyon park was the perfect option for us. Momo and I were wiped out from our morning hike. We stopped at a local gas station to refuel before we got to Lynn Canyon. Our early rise definitely gave us an advantage all day long. Groups of people seemed to get there after we were done with our explorations. It was really nice to basically have the place to ourselves for a little while wherever we went. When we got to Lynn Canyon, we were greeted by the sounds of thundering waters in the distance. As we walked closer to the bridge, the landscape took our breath away. Under the bridge was a beautiful river roaring with water crashing against the sides of the mountain. To our right was a waterfall adding to the unbelievable view before us.

The mist was rising from the water below and despite the sun being out, it was still pretty cold. When we first walked out on the bridge, there were about 4-5 people including ourselves. I was completely terrified walking out on the bridge. I kept thinking about every possible BAD outcome that could come out of me being on this thing. While I’m hanging on to the ropes for dear life, my sweet Momo is having a grand time taking pictures and enjoying the view. Finally we made it to the other side of the bridge and I was so thankful. More people started to walk across and you could see the bridge start to sway. Though, this was completely normal and the geniuses that created the bridge meant for that to happen. The sound of the river was so relaxing, I could just listen to it all day….just not while I’m walking across this bridge. How lucky are #vancity locals to live near this?! We made our way back across the bridge and to the nature center. We learned more about the history of Lynn Canyon park and all that is has been created into today. Another one of God’s beautiful creations we got to explore and it was amazing.


After a quick bite and a refuel on my caffeine, our next stop was The Cleveland Dam. We drove up and immediately saw the beautiful landscape in front of us. Mountains as far as the eye could see, a beautiful lake beneath the snow-capped wonders, and the crisp scent of fresh nature floating in the air. The mountains looked so close; you could practically see the ice forming. Below was a beautiful green-blue lake. It looked so serene. Just so peaceful and untouched. Behind the protective chain link fence around the lake and dam was a lush, green park. There were families enjoying the beautiful, sunny afternoon having a picnic or just spending time together. It was so nice to see and the landscape was picture perfect. We learned that this dam supplies the local cities with fresh drinking water. Melting off of the snow caps, into the lake, and filtering in the dam, its amazing. Momo and I agreed that the water on this vacation was so crisp and so refreshing. Even our family and friends that have been here would agree. The dam was loud and looking over the railing was creepy yet captivating. Seriously, y’all. I could stand there lost in the water all day long. Following it down to the roaring rapids and calming down as the river flows on, it was beautiful. There were trails you could explore through the forest that followed the flow of the river, but we had enough hiking for the day. The Cleveland Dam was simply amazing. This was the last stop for our day of adventures. I love that my Momo and I were able to share these memories together.

We were staying in a posh hotel, on the fashion capital street, in downtown Vancouver. Robson street is famous for the AMAZING shopping it has to offer. From Prada to Louis Vuitton to Tory Burch and Lululemon, there’s something for everyone. Even canadian born shops, there are so many places to get lost in. But enough about shopping, let’s get to our amazing room. Hotel Blue Horizon was hands down, one of the best hotel stays I have ever had. Every room is a corner room and ours had a view of the city and a view of the lake with mountains in the background. It was like going to sleep and waking up in a dream. After being informed that we were staying on “Vancouver’s Runway” I was SO EXCITED to go shopping. But after a long day of adventures, we were ready to feast. Earl’s on Robson was our pick for dinner. Being so close to the ocean, Momo and I wanted to try seafood with almost every meal. Our pick was calamari for this divine meal…..best we’ve ever had. So fresh, so crisp, so delicious. Then we both had steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and covered everything in a Cabernet jus. My mouth is watering when I think about how amazing this meal was. We finished off the meal with a perfectly concocted cheesecake and we spared no crumbs.

After our feast, we perused the shops down Robson Street to see what we would look forward to the next day. After a long day of adventures, it was time to fall asleep to the whimsical views we were surrounded by and prepare ourselves for what the next day had to offer.

Again, I had so much fun reliving all of these memories. Everyone needs to escape their everyday lives every once in a while. So, book that trip, save your dollars, and go. You wont regret it.

Until next time.

Faithfully yours,


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