Life Adjustments

I love blogging simply for the fact that there are readers and followers who truly understand the person behind the post. Do you ever come across blogs or pages that just feel like they are speaking to YOU? Like right to the soul. I love when people are transparent. They don’t write/promote for the sole purpose of making money or gaining followers, they really are speaking from their passions. I never want my site to be an altered perception of who I am. I refuse to endorse products for followers or money, I want to be the realest person I can be to share my passions and influence the world around me. Everyone has a story and I once had a opportunity to share mine with some young girls at a youth center I attended. It still warms my heart to think about the way i felt when I made a connection with them. It’s also something that continues to motivate me everyday.
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Recently, I have been thinking of where I want my life to go. I just came back from my amazing trip to Canada and it was incredible. It gave me an itch for adventuring and now I want to keep exploring the world around me. I’ve been so happy pursuing who I am supposed to be these past few years. Being single and having the opportunity to adventure and find yourself has been one of the most eye-opening experiences I have ever had. I was in a relationship for almost two years and it was a hard break up, but i learned from it and was able to grow. I wouldn’t wish heartbreak on my worst enemy, but honestly, it was the most liberating and amazing journey I have ever been through. I learned to rely on myself, use my past to change my future, and know what it means to be truly happy. I have taken trips, grown in my job, found my career path, and learned to love myself. It’s been quite a ride and now I’m ready for next.

I love my life and the odyssey that God has taken me on. I am thankful for my family that constantly loves and supports me. I am thankful to have fallen in love with my career and found my passion. But sometimes I wonder what will come next. Dont get me wrong, I love my job but, I have my days where I become so exhausted I just want to throw my hands up. Sometimes I struggle with God’s plan for me. Even though I am so thankful for the life He has blessed me with, I find myself wondering what the rest of my plan is. I can’t be the only one that wonders, right? I catch myself dreaming of the future and how different things would be if I had made different decisions. It’s like watching a movie of your life with deleted scenes of different adventures. It’s a battle between trusting and believing in God and me being selfish and letting temptation creep into my thoughts. I look to my bible on days I am struggling hard.


With all the changes I’ve made with my education, career, and family, I am so grateful to be where I am. I was reading over Proverbs chapter 23 and every verse spoke to me. Most of the bible studies I have with myself usually end up that way, but this chapter was especially important to be reading because of what I was struggling to understand. He had a plan and that I need to trust in Him so that He may reveal it. I know to be thankful for all that I have been given (v: 1-3). I know the importance of work-life balance (v: 4). I know to invest in Jesus and myself and to never let others influence His plan for me (v: 6-9). I know to be aware of my limits and to pick my battles (v: 10-11, 19-21). Most of all, I know to live like Jesus and trust that he has a plan (v: 12-19). I know that God created all of us for a purpose and every decision we make leads us closer or farther from what he put us on this earth to do. I aim to live everyday through His words and guidance. Through my past, I struggled with a lot and with my pain, came purpose. I am going to continue to use my purpose to influence the world around me and make an impact because that is what I believe I was put on this earth to do.

So, even though I struggle with His plan for me, I trust in Him. I know he is guiding me on a path of righteousness and it is my job to stay on it. As I’ve said before, I am SO thankful and blessed to be on the journey I am now. I am excited for my adventures coming up and to continue to learn. I hope that you find peace through your struggles and that you learn to find you passion and purpose.


Faithfully yours,



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