Bloom where you are planted.

This phrase has resonated with me for some time now. Bloom where you are planted. It sounds so simple but it carries such a huge inspiration for me.


I have recently moved to my third store with Altar’d State. I love this company and I love my career path so this move was nothing but exciting for me. I am now located close to where I was born and where my family grew up (and some still reside). It felt like going back to my roots and now I am more comfortable than ever. The store is a HUGE challenge (but I’ll post more about that later). I read the phrase “Bloom where you are planted” about a couple of weeks before my move and ever since then I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. To me it means: no matter where you go or what path God takes you on, live in the moment. Prosper and grow right where you are supposed to be. I took the literally and have said yes to every opportunity that comes my way. With each “yes” came more opportunities to grow and bloom. So, right now I am supposed to be in Baybrook to bloom and grow into everything I was created to be. I thought Sugarland was going to be my home for a while and then I got to say “yes” to a new place to grow. I will continue to trust in God’s plan for me so that I may continue to learn who I was created to be.

I am a huge believer in everyone having their own stories and their own paths. I know in my soul that everyone was created with a purpose and what we do with it is truly magical. Not so long ago I was lucky enough to cross paths with a few amazing girls in Sugarland and now in Baybrook. We were talking about where we wanted our lives to go and who we wanted to be. They told me I had my life together and that gave me a good laugh. I feel like I am only beginning to piece my life together into who I want to be and it’s definitely taken a lot of work. So, I busted out my planner (I’m super organized and crazy about it) and told them about my road trip around Texas to find myself. That road trip was a pivotal change in my life. I discovered more about myself in that week than I ever have before. I made a lot of life altering decisions and had some concrete inspiration. At that point in the year, I was moving to Sugarland and now I’ve moved to Baybrook. During my trip I allowed my mind, my faith, and my journey to open up and truly accept where I was going. I trusted in God’s plan for me because I knew He was going to lead me somewhere I needed to be. Not long after that I went on my trip to Washington & Canada and continued to find my inspiration.

So, going back to when I was having a heart to heart with a few of my favorite AS gals about where they wanted their lives to go and what I honestly told them was open to up their hearts and say YES! Say YES to the new adventures and to where our Heavenly Father wants to take you. Say YES to every opportunity that will advance your career. Say YES to moving your life and finding who you are truly meant to be. I have met the most wonderful people along my path in school, at work, and in life’s adventures. I am letting my roots plant themselves wherever I am so that I may truly bloom where I am planted and can grow to be the best person I can be. The girls were moved by what I said and the glimmer of adventure was in their eyes. I didn’t mention how happy it made me to see them so happy, but it did. I am so fortunate to have influenced someone to change their life to bloom and grow into the beautiful being God created them to be.

I haven’t been on this earth for very long, but I have seen a lot more in my life than most people will see in their lifetime. I’ve had some really high-highs and some really low-lows, but everything was a lesson and I am grateful to have learned from everything. Now I am strong, confident, and say yes to every opportunity without a second thought. I know what I want in this life and God continues to reveal the most amazing path for me. So, going me in saying YES to bloom where you are planted.

I hope you find what makes you bloom.

Faithfully yours,


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