Learning to Love…

Today seems as good as ever to start a new devotional. Its raining outside, I’m cozy inside, and its just a peaceful night. Earlier today, I picked up Girl Defined by Kristen Clark & Bethany Baird (you can find a copy here)Not judging a book by its cover, I leafed through the pages to see what these two Texas girls had to say. As I read through I became more and more intrigued. This 5 part truthfully written read is going to be so wonderful to reflect with. Let’s get started!


Kristen and Bethany are completely honest about their life and travels with God. They open up the book with a beautiful “why” behind writing it and what you can expect from reading and reflecting. It is absolutely encouraging, sweet, and thought provoking. The sisters are from Texas (which made me love them more) and they love Jesus. They are passionate about His will and sharing their powerful message through ministry work and mentoring young women. They are amazing role models and wonderful people to learn from. You can truly read the love behind the words. I am looking forward to reading and acquiring more books by these two gals.

Diving into Part 1 makes you think. Without spoiling the book, they mention a mental checklist for comparing yourself to others. From a very early age, girls are influenced by the world around them about who to be, what to look like, and at what age they should be accomplishing things. We were told how to dress, what to eat, and how to do things. We were influenced into professions, we have been told no, and we sometimes had to learn lessons just because we are women and that just isn’t okay. There are so many things that influence who we become later in life and despite what some people say, its just not healthy. We are constantly surrounded by comparison and few are brave enough to stand up against it all.

cue Girl Defined.

Am I good enough? Am I worth it? Do I accept God’s plan for me? Do I have a purpose? All of these questions stemmed from the thought provoking paragraphs I read in Girl Defined. Standing up against the comparison is one thing, but truly believing in yourself and loving who God created you to be is another. Can we all truly say we love ourselves almost as much as God loves us? Do you have personal confidence in His will and His plan for your life? Or are you constantly comparing yourself to what society has deemed acceptable for you to be? It’s time to stop living for them and start living for Him! This book is absolutely the perfect read for women struggling to find themselves in a crazy world. We all have a story and most importantly, we all have a purpose. So, whats yours?

Every flip of the page (which was pretty quick) made me want to learn more. Not just learn more about what they had to say, but learn more about how I can apply this to my life. As a leader in my career and an older sister, I have to set good examples all of the time. Reading and reflecting made me wonder if I was setting good examples to learn from. It’s constantly a learning process, but I’m thankful for the journey. I am learning to love myself alongside other amazing women and the outcome is incredible. Today, I chose to take a step away from being influenced and truly accept who God created me to be. Girl Defined is going to be a great book to learn from. I can’t wait to read more!

Join me in learning more by following Girl Defined Ministry and purchase Girl Defined for yourself.


Lets pray: Jesus,  I pray that every woman in the world knows her purpose. I pray that she knows how much she is loved, valued, and how amazing she is. I pray that she knows you and she constantly seeks you through your will for her life. I pray that we all find self confidence and know that we are worth it. I pray that you keep us close to the paths you have set for our lives and keep is near your heart. Thank you for all of our blessings. Amen.

Know your purpose.


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