New Month = New Goals


I love the feeling of a fresh start. Nothing but potential from the moment you begin. July is HERE!!! Can you believe it?! We are officially in the #humpday of months (yes, i went there). Looking at a blank calendar is all kinds of refreshing. Not to mention, today is the beginning of the week and the month (how aesthetically pleasing). I was so excited to bust out my planner and stickers to see what the new month holds.

planer july 2018

I went to bed with the mindset to be motivated when I woke up Sunday morning.  I had a whole plan for the day….then i woke up and changed it all. You know the feeling when you’re SO motivated and then you wind up just reaalllyyyy comfortable and all that motivation is *poof* out the window. That was me this morning. I wont bore you with mundane details of how I got my groove going for the day (just know I did). After finally leaving my house, I went straight to the gym because hello #summerbod and let’s be real, its Texas and I’m in HOUSTON where our winters don’t even start till january. So, summer will be here for a while which means I still have time to #werkit. After the gym was a yummy lunch date with my favorite human, Momo. IMG_4794After a delicious lunch, we did a little grocery shopping with what felt like the entire Pasadena population.

I love feeling motivated; especially on Sunday’s. A productive start really gives me the power to get through the rest of the week. Last week I was really struggling. I stayed away from social media, distanced myself from my tasks, and just had a bare minimum week. I just needed time to reflect and be alone. I went to the beach, purchased a few new books, and really took time for myself. My job was extra demanding so I definitely needed to break away anytime that I could. Spending my #sundayfunday being extra motivated, I know this week will be better.

I’ve spent the later part of my afternoon engrossed in my bible and journaling what I was feeling. Matthew Chapter 19 was especially helpful for me to get things started this week. The rich young man, having everything he desired, wanted to have a checklist of things he needed to get done in order to have eternal life. Jesus expressed his teachings and rules for everyone to have eternal life in Heaven. The rich young man’s struggle shows how imperfect we all are. Reading about giving up everything to follow Jesus was empowering. He really is all that we need and it was definitely something I needed to read today. I get caught up with life sometimes and often need to just take a step back and have a few deep breaths with myself. “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). No matter what I have going on this week (as crazy as it is mapped out to be), I will pray to continue to have the motivation to get it done. Giving it my all while continuing to have faith that it will all get done is exactly what my soul needed. Having inner peace through faith and prayer is the key to success. Instead of getting caught up in the moment, I’ll remember how my week got started and use it to propel me to end it positively too.


Jesus continues to reveal his plan for me and I will continue to live my life accordingly.

Prayer time: Lord, may you guide us to be better versions of ourselves. I pray that you continue to use your words to motivate us and keep us close to your teachings. I pray that everyone finds their motivation this week. Thank you for giving us new blessings every single day. Amen.


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