Adventuring On Two Wheels


My hometown just recently adopted bike sharing within city limits. It’s a new craze that cities all over the world are taking part in. Companies like CycleHopZagsterBikeshare, and the locally known, Mobike continue to pop up in major cities across the U.S.. My sister, Celia, told me about the bikes in The Woodlands a couple of weeks ago. The past couple of times I went to Austin I took part in the city-wide shared bikes. I love the freedom of being able to just pick up and go on a shared bike without the headache of worrying about someone stealing your personal bike. You just download an app and add dollars to your account, reserve a bike, scan the personal code for the bike, and you’re ready to go. It’s an average of $1 per 30 minutes, but it’s worth the money. Coupons are available for first time users and the mobility/freedom you have is absoutely worth the $5 you rack up after a couple of hours. Mobike’s are very easy to locate and there’s a map on your app showing you all of the bikes available for you to reserve. Once you make your reservation, it’s up to you to find your bike and scan the code.

Celia and I wanted to spend our afternoon adventuring in the sun. When she mentioned Mobike to me, I was all for it. We loaded up our adventure bags and reserved a couple of bikes. One of the local parks often has a lot of bikes available so we thought it was best to get one here. We found our reserved bikes and scanned the codes. After they unlocked, we were ready to go. We rode all around the neighborhood and parts of the lake. We went to Market Street (our local town center) for a refill in our water bottles and a treat to cool down with. Pop Bar just opened and it was a delicious refresher after sweating under the hot Texas sun. After we scarfed down our yummy treats we were ready for more biking. We took a route down the waterway towards the lake when we got the idea to go yakin’ (as Celia calls it). So, we hopped off of our bikes, finished our reservations, and headed for the kayak area.

The Woodlands offers a few watercraft rental areas on our lake. We chose a couple of kayaks to end our day of adventure with. After paddling out to the middle of the lake, we found ourselves surrounded by peace and serenity. There were other kayakers out on the lake that day so we made sure to stay friendly as they passed by. It was nice to just bask in the light as the sun went down. Finally we headed back in and ended the day with a family dinner.

Overall, we had fun and if you’re ever looking for something to do, shared bikes are the way to go. Heres an option if you’re in Houston or you can search here for one near you. If you’re thinking about it, just go for it! It costs about $1 per 30 minutes but there are always coupons available. Life is for adventuring, so if bikes aren’t your thing, just say yes to exploring. I promise you’ll find something that sparks your wonder.

I love spending time with Celia even if it’s just for the afternoon. We might get on each others nerves sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. There’s nothing like the bond between two sisters and I’m thankful we were chosen to share one. God blessed me beyond my wildest dreams with my nugget. I love you, Celia.

Keep Exploring,


If you adventure around Houston or The Woodlands area, let me know your favorite spots below. We are always up for a new exploration!

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