Glam Girl

Hey y’all! So, I have been thinking about this for a while now and I’m feeling confident enough to make a WHOLE CATEGORY dedicated to my beauty based blogs. I’ve been posting a lot more “beauty” things recently and I figured that this was the best way to keep it all together in one place. So, with the growing questions I am receiving when I post, here’s a whole new place to have them all answered.


I have always loved getting dressed up and putting my makeup on. There’s something so fun about experimenting with different colors and “looks.” I grew up dancing so I was always in crazy competition make up. Now, my looks are a little more casual and I only ever go crazy if I’m having a night out (or its a theme I’m going for)….but I promise that’s not everyday. I love gold tones on my skin so I usually stick with paletts that have brown tones. Some of my favorites are pictured below (pictures are linked to websites). If I’m going for a “full face” I bust out all the goods. Foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadow, liner, highlight, and of course lashes. Most of my causal days are just a good eyebrow fill, lashes, and a little bit of concealer. Nothing too crazy. Because I’ve been doing my makeup for a bit, I have tried a few different brands for my picks. My price range is anything from a drugstore pick up to a Sephora splurge, but I always do my research and pick things I know are going to give back to my skin too.

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Most of the time my makeup depends on my mood or the setting I’ll be in for the day. My job is really hands on so sometimes (if I know I’ll be sweating) I just stick to “basic makeup” i.e. eyebrows, lashes, and concealer. When I get a good tan, you definitely won’t catch me in any sort of foundation. I’m rockin’ the natural look with a hint of glam with my favorite lashes on.

My friends at work are always complimenting my skin so of course I’m gonna keep doing what I can to take care of it. I use face masks about twice a week (peel off first, clay after) and moisturize every single day. If you don’t do ANYTHING ELSE with your skin, AT LEAST drink water and moisturize everyday. There are no amount of expensive, fancy, gadgets and gizmos you can buy to slap on your face to make your skin better. It’s just a good moisturizer (here’s my favorite) and a few glasses of water everyday. That’s it. Your skin will be so thankful, I promise. I moisturize every night and every morning and always take off my makeup. No matter how tired I am. I even keep wipes in my purse, just in case!


I am always up for trying new products and giving the best feedback I can about items I’ve had in my makeup hauls. My sister, Celia, is really into makeup as well so we share feedback between products as well. I am always super excited to try new things and see what works on my skin and what compliments my style. I love buying new colors and matching my lippies with my accessories to have my “look” come all together. Though, my signature lip is red and I wear it about 90% of the time (leopard and red just make me feel so powerful).

Makeup is definitely an art and the more you practice, the better you will be. Like I said, makeup is another passion of mine and I’ll definitely be posting more about it. If you have any questions or want posts about specific things use my contact page or leave a message below. I’d love to hear from you!

Stay creative.


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