National Lippie Day

Hey beauties,


A holiday created by the wonderfully talented Huda Kattan. I’m not kidding. She owns the rights to this holiday (check out this article by Allure Magazine), isn’t that cool? So, in honor of the 24 hour celebration here are my picks for my favorite lipsticks I have on my makeup counter.

  1. Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick

This is absolutely a must. It’s #1 on my list because it is my ultimate go-to lipstick when I want a new shade. This lippie is offered in 22 shades and is only $21 at Sephora! In the fall I when through a brown shade phase and found their “Cool Girl” shade to give me the best color to finish my look. Then, on NYE my best friend Megan showed me the “Lady Balls” red shade and it changed my life. I’ve worn plenty shades of red, but this will ALWAYS be my favorite. The application is smooth, requires no lip liner and the shades are bright & last all day. It’s definitely worth the buy! If you shop directly on the Too Faced Website now, you’ll receive 25% off your lip purchase. Here are my three favorite colors in my makeup bag:

It's Happening feelin myself lady balls

2. Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint

I first tried this lippie in my Sephora Birthday gift box and immediately I was hooked. The formula is smooth, smells good, and lasts all day. I love all Tarte Cosmetics so of course this lip paint was added to my usual Sephora hauls. I have both the “Brownie” shade and “Nude” shade. Even through coffee runs, snacks, and nights out, these shades stayed as long as I needed them to. This pick is $20 a bottle, completely vegan, and if ordered from the website, you can have any color auto ordered every 3 months for 10% off and free shipping. 


3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

At $6 a bottle, why wouldn’t this be in your makeup bag? NYX is famous for being affordable, quality makeup. More stores are starting to carry the line so you can literally find it almost anywhere now. This lip cream is definitely a must buy because of the soft application and long wear. When I’m trying to stay within a budget, I pick these little lippies up. They’re offered in 46 shades and can compliment any outfit you are rocking. Even if you’re not into having a bold lip for the day, their range of nudes-light shades are abundant and I can almost guarantee you’ll find a perfect match. NYX also offers an engraving program and this lippie is part of it. Such a sweet gift that doesn’t break the bank. Today, on their website in honor of National Lipstick Day, when you buy 2 lippies, you get a 3rd free and if you spend more than $25 you get free shipping. 


4. SMASHBOX Be Legendary Lipstick

Like I told you before, I love a good red lipstick. Something about wearing a bold red makes me feel so powerful. This “Be Legendary” formula is smooth and leaves a little shine without it looking too glossy. I love a matte formula, but sometimes you just want a little more shine, this is a good “in between” for a glossy-matte. I can wear my favorite shade (Legendary) through a meal with little touch ups after. It’s also $21, can be found at Sephora, and is offered in 50 shades. Hello makeup haul. Right now, you can use the code kissme on the Smashbox website and you’ll receive $5 off your lipstick purchase and a few other goodies sent to you. It’s totally worth the buy if you’re looking for a more satin finish.

5. Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet

Yes, you read that right Burberry isn’t just luxury scarves, bags, and perfumes. They have a “Burberry Beauty” line sold at Nordstrom. I was feeling really boujee one day and decided to buy nothing but Burberry products and GIRL, it was LIFE CHANGING. Their line is a little more expensive but well worth it. My favorite Mascara is from their line (but more about that later). Their lipsticks are $34 a bottle and they’re offered in 14 shades. The formula is applied just the way it sounds, liquid velvet with a soft matte finish. This lip lasts alllllll day and can be built on without being too cakey. I first bought shade number 53 “oxblood” for the rich maroon color and now that we are transitioning to fall, I will be bringing this shade back. The price is a little high for a lipstick but I definitely recommend it.


6. MAC Matte Lipstick

MAC is one of those brands you just need on your makeup counter. I have been using their foundation for forever and have always viewed this brand being so experimental. So many color options and shades to choose from. This lipstick is offered in 47 shades. But, it doesn’t stop there. Their line has all types of lip products to suit all of your needs. One of my favorite go-to shades for a night out is the “odyssey” color from their frost lipstick line. It applies just like a regular lipstick with just a little more shimmer in the formula. Their lipsticks are $18.50 and can be auto ordered in a wide range of options. MAC counters can be found everywhere but today online and in stores MAC is offering FREE LIPSTICKS to their customers while supplies last. If you want to try out the lipstick before committing to spend $18.50, stop by. There’s a MAC store a few doors down from my store so you’ll most likely catch me there.


7. KAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

This lipstick is almost as beautiful as the beauty behind the brand is. I have always liked KAT VON D and her whole aesthetic. I was STOKED to learn that she had a makeup line and that it was sold in Sephora stores. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I have owned the entire line (#sorrynotsorry). But, today is all about lipsticks so I’ll keep my love for the whole line to just the lippies for now. This line was created with the idea of full coverage in mind. I remember reading that she wanted a makeup formula that was powerful enough to cover tattoos and she created just that. The formula of this lipstick is amazing. It’s thin enough to go on smoothly, but thick enough to last all day. I apply it once before I go to work and don’t touch it after that. I’m 100% serious, it lasts all day. I saved this lipstick for last because if you don’t buy anything else I mentioned, this one you absolutely NEED to. It’s $20 a bottle, offered in 43 shades, and can be found at Sephora. My favorite shades are “Vampira” and “Sanctuary.” If I’m feeling a little more glossy I’ll swipe the shade”prayer” on from her studded kiss lipstick line. In honor of the #nationallipstickday celebration, KAT VON D Cosmetics is offering 2 for $30 everlasting glimmer veil and if you purchase any brow product, you get free shipping!


If you love making a powerful lip statement like me, you’ll want to take advantage of these deals. Happy celebrating, beauties!

Make a bold statement,


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