*cue the hair flips*

What better way to kick off my birthday countdown than getting my hair done HOT PINK?! It never fails to make a statement and there’s no denying it is my favorite color. I wanted to do something fun and bold for my 23rd birthday and pink hair was the way to go. So, I went to the only person I trust with my hair, to get the job done.

Megan has been doing my hair for some time now (I’ve also recommended her to a few friends and family members so now we all have her magic touch on our hair). During the process of dying mine pink, I also asked Megan to lighten the brass-blonde to a more ash toned blonde. She got to work and with every stroke, I became more excited.

She alternated the blonde tones and pink dye with every foil that was added into my hair. Instead of doing huge streaks of pink throughout my hair, it ended up being a more even blend of color throughout it all.

While my hair was in the dryer with a conditioning treatment, my sister was getting her hair done as well. All Celia wanted to do was add more blonde tones and lighten up the brass a little. Hers came out SO WELL and suits her style perfectly. She had previously dyed her hair and it had turned brassy over time. Megan’s magic was added and Celia’s hair was incredibly beautiful afterwards.

After conditioning, washing, and styling, my hair was complete. I was shocked at how perfect it all was and fell in love with the color immediately. Megan had curled it so you could really see all the blonde, pink, and brown tones throughout my mane. The colors were absolutely incredible and the pigments were really complementary to my natural tones in my hair and on my skin. I read this quote “invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off” and it has stuck with me ever since. So, every time I go to Megan for my hair, this is what I think about.

Overall, I am really happy with the way everything turned out. Everything came out better than I imagined and this is going. If you ever need someone *magical* to work on your hair, I highly recommend Megan.

You can find Megan at Bevina Salon and contact her here. Also, her beauty profile is linked here so you can see all her magic.

Pink was the way to go and now I’m even more excited to get #year23 started.

The countdown to the 15th is still on!

Stay BOLD,



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