Secret Angels

Hey y’all, we are gona get a little personal tonight. But here’s a back story before I dive into my devotional.

I have never once doubted I have a guardian angel. All my life (as far as my memories go) my mom has always told me this sweet story about who mine was. My Wello passed away when I was 4 years old. I’m sure my brain holds some memories of me being with him, but all I really know is the stories my family has told and the pictures we have. From that, I knew how much he loved me and the family and how strong our bond was. My mom told me that not long after he passed away, we were driving around and I was sitting in my car seat looking up at the sky and giggling. She looked in her mirror to see what her then 4 year old was doing in the backseat and asked “what are you doing silly girl?” and I kept giggling and saying “it’s Wello!” From that moment on she knew I had a guardian angel to keep me safe for the rest of my life. I don’t remember when she first told me that story but I think about it pretty often. So, when I have big life decisions to make, he’s the first thought I go to when I need help. Sometimes I visit him at the cemetery and leave little love notes (it’s something I’ve been doing for years now and it makes me feel like he’s a little closer). My Wello is on my mind a lot when I get really stressed out and when I think about him it calms me down. I remember having to make the decision of where to go to college. I had applied to so many and had gotten into every one, so my choices were endless. One day, after visiting the cemetery, I had left a little note asking him to guide me to a direction that would lead to the best choice. By no coincidence, we were leaving and looked up to see a huge billboard that said “you’re going to be a lumberjack!” and I knew a decision had been made. I knew SFA was the school for me. Later on I found out that his favorite color was purple and it all just fell into place. Everytime I was stressed about school, I thought of how proud he would be and it helped me foocus on what I needed to do to succeed. When I recived my graduation ring, I had “for Wello” engraved on the inside. Throughout everything Wello has always been there to guide me and protect me.

Like I said before, I’ve never once doubted He is my guardian angel. The opposite actually takes place. I feel his presence more when bad things happen (or almost happen). Today, I was driving to work to prepare a little more for an executive visit we have coming up this week. There was a thunderstorm approaching the area quickly so I knew I was gonna have to deal with some traffic and possibly rain along the way. My commute is about 15 minutes so I wasn’t really worried. As I was driving I could see the dark clouds inching closer and the ground start to look a little more wet. Of course people were still speeding down the freeway and driving like maniacs to avoid the approaching storm. I was making my way to work and this box truck was in the lane next to me. I got the weirdest feelig to speed up further so I wasn’t directly beside him anymore. As soon as I did, he lost control, skid, fishtaled, and swerved to block all lanes of incoming traffic. Had I not moved, he would have rear ended me and sent my car into the concrete walls. I saw all of this take place in my rearview mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes. Thankfully no one hit him and he didn’t knock into anyone else, but it could have been a lot worse. I immediately thought of my Wello and how thankful I was to have gotten the feeling to move past him. I’m thankful that I have an angel to protect me.

After getting to work and later leaving (and then getting home safely), I was glad to have felt Wello’s presence. So, tonight’s devotional is just about being thankful for our Lord and angel’s presence. I hope you are constantly seeking Him and that you are protecting your faith within God just the way he is protecting your existence.

So, let’s say something thankful this evening.


Thank you for always being there to protect me and for sending your guardian angels by my side. Thank you for always looking out and keeping us close to you. We love you. Amen.

Give thanks, always.


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