Sunday Shoes-day

Let’s get this week started off on the right foot. (LOL someone stop me).

It’s been a long past couple of weeks and I feel like I haven’t posted in a HOT minute. But time flies when you’re having fun, right?! I took the past two weeks off because I take #birthdayweek very seriously and with my sister and I being 5 days apart, we were 100% BUSY celebrating!


Over the course of my own birthday week, I went on a #shoespree and came home with a new pair almost everyday. My top pick for sandals are the Alice Sandal from Steve Madden. They’re cute and I can definitely last an 8 hour day at work in them. The sparkles work for any color my outfit is and the back strap is high enough to not dig into my ankle. For tennis shoes, (I have to buy kids sized shoes) I bought the youth Adidas X_PLR athletic shoe. I’ve had a thing for Adidas this year because of the incredible comfort each shoe has so, the all white pair I just purchased are no different. If you have knee problems or can’t stand on your feet all day, theses are the shoes for you. Finally, my ultimate buy this week is one that I waited SEVEN YEARS to purchase….The Corral Women’s Aztec Fringe Snip Toe Western Boot. Yeah, I’m not kidding when I say 6 years! I first saw these when I was purchasing another pair of boots at the Cavender’s store by my house. I saw the detail of the embroidery, the fringe detail, and of course, the swarvorski crystals. I’ve been obsessed with fringe and sparkles for as long as I can remember so I knew I had to have them. They were way too expensive for a 16 year old to buy at the time and I begged my parents for them. Mama kept saying no over the years and they slowly just became my “dream boots.” So, this year I had a few options for what I wanted to get myself as a big present. Between my options, I kept gravitating towards the boots. So, as soon as I got off of work, I went straight into Cavender’s and beelined it to the women section. They slipped on and I fell in love instantaneously. So, there went $400 and I walked out happier than a pig in mud. I’ve almost worn them everyday since then, but I truly feel like I am supposed to be when I have them on. Boho and chic.

I love that shoes are expression of your personality and can truly help “make” an outfit. They’re like the cherry on top to a great style. I’m always on the lookout for something that speaks to me so I stay in tune with what sales are going on. My current favorites are:

  1. Nordstrom: I love this sale because everything is basically 40% off. Some of my favorite picks included the Yaro (Leopard) Ankle Strap Sandal for $58.34,  the Gracie Genuine Calf Hair Sandal for $38.48, and the Lancer Sneaker for $37.46 (I’ve been eyeing these since Canada).
  1. DSW: This is definitely a must when you’re shopping. ESPECIALLY for higher end brands. I loved working here because the perks were amazing and my obsession with shoes just kept growing. Right now through 8/28 you can save $10, $20, or $60 off your purchase with the code 2464. My favorite picks from here are the Apolo Espadrille wedge sandal for $59.99, the Adidas cloud foam pure sneaker for $69.99, and the Thilanna Slip On Sneaker for $59.99.
  1. Francesca’s: all sandals are $15. Enough said. Seriously! My favorites are the dottie embellished gladiator sandal, the duci embellished stone slide sandal, and the Brycee footbed sandal.

I’ve always been #shoeobsessed and will continue to find some good sales for y’all. MY closet grows every week so stay tuned!

Stay Stylish,


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