Creatively Devoted

Hello Tuesday!

Today was my day off so I decided I was going to spend my day off  of everything work and electronic related. I slept in, went to lunch with my sweet Momo, and of course, went  shopping! I wanted to repaint a vanity I was moving into my room and knew Hobby Lobby could help me get the job done. Among other things, they were having an AMAZING sale on all metal/farmhouse decor. I perused through the items but kept myself on a budget and limited to the items I came in for. I found a couple of cute knobs I am updating the drawers on the vanity with and I found an incredible paint that will perfectly compliment the furniture I already have in my bedroom. Not everyone has a vanity in their bedroom, but I’ve always grown up with one so, it’s just normal for me. Of course I will show y’all the DIY vanity project…..just as soon as I start it.

While I was walking through the aisles, one of the end caps caught my eye. Y’all know I’m a sucker for anything planner related and they had some cute new stickers that were sparkly. motivational, and had some leopard print….in the cart they went. You can never have too many stickers for your planner! AS I kept walking the next end cap caught my eye. This one was all about bible journaling and getting creative with your bible to make it 100% yours. I love bible journaling so, the stickers and stamps immediately caught my attention. I have been on the lookout for bible tabs for a long time now. Shops on Etsy like Beauty From Ashes GiftsFarm Girl Journals, and Poised Designs all offer really cute designs for their bible tabs if you want to purchase some. However, I really wanted to create my own. So, on the end cap at Hobby Lobby there was a package from an American Crafts line called “Creative Devotion.” Inside were customizable cardstock bible tab stickers designed to watercolor and adhere to your bible. All 66 books in the Bible were included along with a few blank tabs to be used however you choose. It was $5.99 and 100% worth it. I purchased a new water-color pack and drove straight home. I was way too excited to get started. Below is a step by step tutorial on how I created mine, hopefully this helps you create yours too!

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Step 1. Picking colors.

Because the tabs already had the names of the books printed on them, I didn’t have to worry about writing each one. So, all I needed to do was pick a color palette. I’ve seen some designs where every tab is a different color. Some people like to have the Old Testament all one palette and the New Testament a different color, it’s up to you. I decided to pick a range of 3 colors for each page of tabs I had. The first was bright orange-red-yellow toned, the next was purple-green-blue, and the last was yellow-red-blue.

Step 2. Painting

Because it is water colors, every tab was going to look different. I put a few drops of water on all the colors I was about to use so the water was saturated with the colors. As I was painting down the page I tried to make every tab a different design. The colors were thick and didn’t run. I did this purposefully because I wanted to place drops of water on the end so all the colors would bleed together and create beautiful designs. As I went don the paper, I used one color at a time and naturally as I added more colors, they started to blend together. Each design was completely unique and eye-catching.

Step 3. Blending

As the colors naturally bled together from the water on the brush, they made different designs. Once a page was filled with all the colors I went back to each design and grazed the paper with more water so more bleeding and blending would occur. The more water you add, the lighter the colors will be. I liked the range of colors I had with the different amounts of water I was placing on each tab.

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Step 4. Drying

I have seen some creatives use a hair dryer to dry their water-color designs, but it was relatively sunny outside for a little while so my tabs got to dry in the sun. After I was happy with the way the colors had bled, I placed a napkin over the while sheet to soak up an excess water. This helped the drying process and a little bit of the blending.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Step 5. Adhering

This is the fun part! After your designs are all dry and ready for your bible all you have to choose is how you would place the stickers. I liked being able to see the name of each book so my tabs are spread out by the length of each tab so none overlap. I Started with the very last book so I could make sure all tabs were even and as I got further to the front, could make sure I saw each tab perfectly. I loved these pre-made tabs because they are already printed with names, they are perforated so you know where to fold, and they’re stickers so you don’t have to have extra materials to attach them to your bible.

Overall, the entire process was fun. It took me about 2.5 hours to paint, dry, and adhere. This is definitely a fun afternoon project to complete if you’re really into making your bible 100% yours and getting creative with your devotions. The whole “Creative Devotion” line is so cute and I will definitely be back for more. Check out their line here.

I am devoted to my faith and passionate for crafting, so this was the best way to enjoy my afternoon. I hope this helps you get creating with your bible and strengthens your devotion to your faith as well.

Stay creative,


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