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Organization is one of the keys to success. I am a FIRM believer in this. I owe all of my organization skills to my sweet mama. She is THE QUEEN and can take anything from drab to fab (literally). She has reorganized our entire house many times over. Daily, she utilizes her planner and notebook and naturally I followed in suit. My best organization tip starts with a planner. Utilizing this simple tool every day (make it a habit) will ABSOLUTELY help you get to achieving your goals.

I recently received my Seasonal Surprise Box from Erin Condren (my “unboxing” video is here on my Instagram) and it is so inspiring! If you have never heard of the brand “Erin Condren” you’re missing out. She  has grown an empire over the past 10 years and I’ve never seen anything more beautiful. From planners to notebooks, to pens and notecards, Processed with VSCO with f2 preset to stationery and home goods she has everything. The flagship store is located at The Domain in Austin, Texas (my sister and I visited the last time we took a road trip and it was amazing). If you want to learn more visit her story page here.

I was really inspired by my seasonal surprise box to put together a post to help y’all keep to a schedule and utilize your planners. At the least, you have to create a habit of looking at your planner daily, crossing off items from your to-do list, and actually planning your life out. The more personalized you make your planner, the more likely you are to use it. So, here are some tips on how to personalize your planner to get you organized and closer to your goals.

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Step 1. Find Your Favorite Planner

Are you a student? A teacher? Coach? Find planners that fit your lifestyle. Erin Condren offers planners for students, teachers, newly engaged wedding planners, or just people who want to get their life together. If you’re into floral designs, Rifle Paper Co. has some really cute hardcover planners in all kinds of designs. Another cute (and affordable) planner website is Bloom Daily Planners. Their designs are unique and I love the coiled “notebook” design of the planners offered. The Elle Oh Elle line from Hobby Lobby is really unique because their planners are designed like a binder with a cute cover so you can just change out/add pages as you move through your year and onto the next one. Definitely a little more resource friendly than just throwing your planner out when it’s all filled up. You can also find planners at Michael’sTargetLilly Pulitzer, and Etsy. You just need to find one that works for YOU.

Step 2. Find Your Accessories

You can’t have a planner and not personalize it. Finding the right accessories is key to making it yours. Fun pens, cute stickers, photos, dividers, clips….anything helps! I ordered these fine tip drawing pens from Amazon and they work like a charm on all the planners I have used. I also like stickers from Erin Condren and Etsy because of the specific designs and seasonal inspiration, but my absolute FAVORITE stickers are from The Happy Planner. You can find them at any craft store or online. The books come with so many stickers. Some are themed, others are pretty general, but I can guarantee you’ll find stickers pertaining to the personalization you want. Using binder clips, dividers, and any other “clip in” items also help keep you on track and using your planner.

Step 3. Get Your Calendars

Whether you chose to set up a monthly, daily, or weekly planner, you’ll need your other calendars as well. Gather any work, school, birthday, appointments, or any other important dates and calendars you’ll need for your planner. The more you remember at the start, the easier the set up will be. You can use your themed stickers or colored pens to create a key for your whole planner. Which leads me to my next point….

Step 4. Create A Key/Color Code

This is just good organization skills. If you create a key and stick to it, you’ll see where your priorities lie and which things need to get done first. I use different colors for work, social events, blogging, my cat “baby b”, gym time, basically everything. You can also use your sticker colors as well. Most sticker books give you repeats of different stickers so that you can use them often. This is especially helpful if you really want to make a big statement with your planner.

Step 5. Have Fun!

Make it personal. Make it completely you! Use stickers for everything (it just looks more fun) and keep to your key. The more you create the higher the likelihood you’ll actually USE your planner. Make your month fun and your weeks motivational. Keep your goals in mind and use your planner every. single. day. (you’ll thank me later) I hope you have fun getting creative and reaching your goals!

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Keep to your goals, girl. You got this.


P.S. if you’re interested in the seasonal surprise box, here’s a peek at what I got for the September/ fall box.

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