Positive Power

Good evening, friends! *surprise* tonight’s post is something way different than I originally intended but thats totally okay because I’m on an energy high and I’m SO EXCITED to tell you about my latest experience.

Black Swan Yoga.

Yes, yoga. This Austin based company just enhanced my yoga adventures by 100000% I’ve heard so may good things about these studios so, my expectations were high for the first time. I had a spot reserved for the 4 pm class at the White Oak studio in The Heights (HTX for you out of townies). Seeing that I wasn’t going to make it on time for my first experience here, I called to move my spot to the next available class. I assumed I would be charged a late fee because it was totally my fault for not taking traffic into account. The nice guy that answered my call gladly switched my reservation over. I was so excited to still have the opportunity to take a class. What a good way to start this experience too! I could have missed the whole thing because I was a doofus.


Driving up, I had no idea what to expect to see. I’ve just heard about the classes. The outside was really sweet and inviting and the neighborhood offered some eclectic bars and a few coffee shops. Inside the donation based yoga studio, was a juice bar so convenient to get a protein filled bite from after you’ve sweat everything out in class. Its BYOM (bring your own mat) or they offer a few to rent/ buy. You also have to bring a towel and a water bottle. Of course, those are there to buy as well. The studio is heated so it elevates the experience even more, its also a good reminder to bring that towel and water bottle (or you’ll really regret that).  My instructor wasn’t stationary and walked around throughout the class to help adjust bodies and show examples of the exercise db160dd98d7b6cf79792a50925e443cebeing done. Each class is taught by a seasoned “yogi” and their own interpretation and journey of yoga experiences. I am so thankful I came to Black Swan and I cannot wait to experience another class. The 530 class was pretty packed but being around so many positive souls was really something special.

Black Swan Yoga offers three types of classes: beginner, flow, and power. I chose a flow class and there were people of all shapes, sizes, and flexibility. I was so proud of myself for how flexible I have gotten and how strong my muscles were through different poses. Because this is an all inclusive-community based studio, everyone is welcome and everyone leaves feeling accomplished. The classes are also offered by donation which makes this studio even more impressive. Overall, Black Swan Yoga offers an incredible experience and I strongly urge you to check it out. If you’re still wondering about anything use my Contact tab and come meet me for a class!


Stay flexin,


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