Lash Love

Hey y’all! The #beautyblog is back in action. This post is all about my favorite things and something I will never leave the house without. Where are all my #glittergang girls at? This one’s for you.


Ardell Beauty just launched their holiday collection of lashes and girl, these are so worth the buy. I love wearing their lashes, they’re my go to when I need a new set and the first ones I look to when I have an event and need a bold set of lashes. Ardell lashes are offered in a variety of styles. Ranging from individual lashes, to full strips, costume lashes, and lashes with rhinestones. Ardell has it all. There are way too many styles to even put a number on how many they offer, but I’m almost positive there are some for everyone. The Ardell Wispies Lash Book is only offered at Ulta Beauty this holiday season and its a HUGE STEAL at $39.99 for a 12 set pack. The entire wispies collection really enhances any look you’re trying to achieve. I wear mine alone or with a full face of makeup because the collection is just that good. You can find Ardell Lashes just about anywhere but the 12 pack is only at Ulta.

One of my favorite brands of lashes (when I haven’t run out) are the Reign Lashes developed and created by Kaitlin Davis. Seriously y’all, this girl is goals and her lash line is incredible. Each set of lashes come in a handy carrying case and can be used over 30 times (with proper care). The Lashes are offered in one magnetic style and a multitude of adhesives. My favorite styles are Cali, Vixen, and Sin. If you’d like to purchase any of these lashes, you’ll have to purchase them from the boutiques that carry them. You can search here for one near you.

I change up my lashes depending on my mood or the occasion I’m dressing for. This #moodlash vault from Sephora is the PERFECT way to achieve all of your holiday looks. 72bf51bed4462058bca5c64f03dc75fd8, yes, 8 Sephora Collection lash sets come in this $67 pack. Sephora Collection lashes are some of the best I have ever worn. They’re about $10 – $12 a set and come in a nice carrying case. The #moodlash vault comes in a really fancy box to keep all of your holiday lashes in a safe place where they won’t get damaged. This 8 lash set comes with one of my favorite dressy styles (fringe #04) and some Sephora brand lash glue if you’ve run out of your duo lash adhesive.

Sometimes when I’m feeling extra boujee, I whip out my House of Lashes falsies to give me a dramatic look. Currently HOL is running a sale on their Gift sets to help fill the room under the tree…they’re also good stocking stuffers. The most amazing thing about these lashes is that they are cruelty free and are made of 100% sterilized human hair. Which sounds weird but I’d rather have something natural on my eyes rather than synthetic, chemically altered products on my face for hours at a time. Because these lashes are such high quality, they last a really long time. Single sets of lashes are $9 to $12 but you can snag a gift set like this one for $28.

If you’re obsessed with Amazon or Amazon Prime, this section is for you. Mostly all the lashes I have purchased or reviewed have been a good enough quality to use. They may 51ry4qrj7hL._AC_UL246_SR190,246_not last as long as my luxury lashes, but they’re good for one time or disposable after use kind of situations. Of course, I always take Amazon reviews into account when I go to make a purchase. So, that helps make my decision easier as well. There are a multitude of Lashes offered on the Amazon website as well as quite a few offered through a Prime subscription. From single packs to multi-sets, there’s a pair of lashes for everyone.

For the best set of $10 lashes, I saved them for last. Morphe cosmetics is some of the best I have ever used. From the eye palettes, to the brushes, and all the face products you could want, everything is affordable and such amazing quality. The lashes Morphe offers are no different. I’ve worn these through school events, work events, and those fun nights out (when you need them to stay on). Any one of the lashes ranging from $3 to $30  are all worth the buy and will last you a long while if you take care of them. Morphe also offers a lash book for you to store all of your lashes in one place. The plastic molds help keep all of your lashes perfectly formed too. Anything you buy from Morphe is going to have great quality and will leave you wanting to play with new looks all day long.

If you’ve read this far and thinking “yeah but mine never go on right” or “lashes just done look good” or “they never fit my eyes” WRONG. All of the brands I listed have styles for every eye shape. If you have the right tools (like this one) are really helpful. If you just struggle in general with magnetics or regular application, Kaitlin Davis (Reign Lashes) has a great magnetic application videos and strip lash application videos.

I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful looks!

Stay bold,


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