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Hello everyone! Its been a long week and starting with Sunday, one of the best weeks I’ve had this year…aside from the week I went to Canada! I made a December goal of sweating everyday. This is my last adventure of the year and I wanted to make sure I ended 2018 with a little extra motivation to keep my goal going into 2019. So far December has been an adventure! I took my sister to hot yoga for the first time (and she loved it), experienced a dance fitness class, and celebrated a dear friends’ 1000th barre class! Instead of a normal blog post suggesting different studios to try, this post will include all of the experiences I’ve had and their respective links so you can try them too! I hope you have the chance to check everything out and enjoy them all as much as I did.

Yoga Pod The Woodlands: This was so much fun and such a memorable experience. I’ve visited this studio before, but I decided to bring my sister along for a hot flow class… might I add it was her first yoga class ever. Our instructor was incredible and the energy we exerted afterwards was amazing. The room was set to 105 degrees with 60% humidity and was a breath-synchronized movement based class. Our instructor was careful to explain each pose and offer encouraging words throughout the duration of class. For my sister’s first time, she enjoyed the sweaty yoga and the energy high afterwards. If you find yourself in need of a yoga studio in The Woodlands, this one comes highly recommended.

Pure Barre League City: One of my favorite PB studios is right down the road from me in League City. This class was extra special because we celebrated my dear friend Jade’s 1000th Pure Barre class instruction. Isn’t that incredible? She kicked my ass but it was totally worth it. 3 days later and my legs are still burning. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing like a pure barre workout. It’s an allover body workout designed to fatigue the muscles and build strength from within. After every class I can feel myself growing stronger. It truly is empowering and cannot be compared. If you’ve never tried Pure Barre before, I suggest you try it out. You can find a studio near you here.

Dance House Fitness: This was the most fun I’ve had dancing in a LONG TIME. I was so nervous going in. The last time I studio danced was back on my dance team days (ages ago). Not knowing anyone, I left my fears at the door and went in with an open mind. I was excited to just be out on the floor, whipping my hair and shaking my booty. There were a couple of girls celebrating their birthday’s and their energy kept me LIT. Our choreographer was energetic, had attitude, and knew how to challenge us. She wasn’t afraid to stop and answer questions for those of us who were rusty or needed a little more direction. She kept the energy levels high through the entire 90 minutes and made sure to continue to motivate us until the very end. Being a fitness based dance class, I didn’t feel like I was working out, I was having fun and getting a good sweat session in. I am 100% looking forward to my next class. Check out my moves below!

Trap Yoga and Tacos: I’ve grown to love yoga. I had to abandon my love for dance after I had knee surgery and haven’t been able to find a sweaty “body high” until now. Yoga gives me incredible energy and releases so many good endorphins. No matter what time I practice, morning-evening, I always feel SO GOOD after. Naturally, I have been aware of any yoga events going on in the Houston area. I asked my fellow “lemons” about TY&T and everyone had something good to say about the event. Many had been before and encouraged me to go. I bought my ticket, grabbed my mat, and made sure I was going to be hungry for tacos (and a fe margaritas). This yoga experience was even better than I imagined. I made friends with local yogi’s, sweat to some hot beats, and made incredible memories with some of my favorite people. I am so looking forward to next year’s event & I hope you can join me!


Keep checking back for more sweaty adventures during December. I have quite a few surprises!

Stay sweaty,


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