Sweaty Cycling

Hellllooooo sweaty friends! Well, maybe not currently sweaty, just friends that sweat? That sounds a little better. Anyways, welcome to another [sweaty blog]. I’ve been busy attending yoga classes and getting to know my new gym. It’s been a busy start to the year but most definitely worth it. This week’s hometown adventure is alllllll about cycling.


My team and I were recently invited to take a cycling class taught my by Lululemon Regional Manager, Mel. She is a part time cycling instructor at Revolution Studio in River Oaks. I had looked into coming to the studio before, but it’s been a hot minute since I’ve cycled and I kept chickening out. Though, this invitation I couldn’t turn down.

The studio was chic and I learned that Revolution also offers yoga classes as well. So after you’ve relaxed your body at a nice yoga session, you can pump yourself up and exhaust your muscles in a cycling class. Totally worth the visit and I absolutely encourage you to come try it out if you’ve never tried yoga or cycling before.


Mel was an incredible instructor. She was motivating, captivating, and an absolutely awesome leader to watch during class. Even when I was fatigued, I didn’t want to miss a beat. My legs were #dead the next day, but I would do it all over again.


Join me in a class sometime! Here’s a link to the River Oaks Schedule.

Stay sweaty,


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