Faithfully Rosas

Hi y’all! My name is Tiffany Rosas. I am the brains behind Faithfully Rosas. Though I struggled with the name of this blog for a while, the simplicity of staying true to myself was the most stand out piece to it. I want to stay true to who I am and the life I live every single day. I have a passion for creativity, a mind dedicated to learning and growing, and a heart filled with passion for Jesus. I am currently a visual merchandiser for Altar’d State in Friendswood, Texas. I was previously in The Woodlands, Texas before I was promoted to a new role at Sugar Land and not long after that, was my promotion to the Friendswood store. I have studied Criminal Justice and Psychology at Stephen F. Austin State University (Axe ’em). I am a child of Christ and dedicate every day to living for Him. I am a dreamer with the hopes of one day inspiring others to be the best version of themselves. I am also a warrior set to put my pain to purpose. Everyone has an important story for their life motivation, I have every intention of making this world beautiful and standing out, for good as I share my story. So, I challenge you to follow me on my Faith and Fashion journey as I share it all here on Faithfully Rosas.

My fashion journey began at a young age and has developed since then. I love all things sparkly and leopard. Some time ago, I had the opportunity to interview for a position at Altar’d State. It is a huge privilege to say I am a visual merchandiser for an incredible company. I have a passion for my store and everything it entails. AS has helped me grow both inside and out. I am a better individual and child of God because of this company. Not only am I influencing the clients our store sees every day, but I am learning so much from the position and the people I am surrounded by. Inside of our four walls, I am strong, purposeful, creative, and a leader. Outside of the building, I am a server, a volunteer, and an inspiration. On the days I work, you will find me creatively adding to the store and changing things to reflect the business in a more positive way. On the days I am not at work, I am volunteering on behalf of the company. Throughout different segments of the year, Altar’d State is dedicated to volunteering and donating to different themes of organizations. Known as Mission Monday, we give 10% of our net proceeds to individual stores charity of choice. Not only do we have a hand in selecting which organization we get to work with, we get to involve ourselves with volunteering and truly making an impact in our community. We volunteer at various organizations throughout the year as well. It is truly a blessing to know that our beautiful clothes serve a greater purpose.

On my journey to find inspiration for my store, I found myself more frustrated than grateful for what I have found. There was no fashion blog, magazine, or advertisement for what I was looking for. Altar’d State is such a different company and my style, though very basic sometimes, is different as well. Everything that I had seen wasn’t quite what I wanted to use as inspiration. The idea of creating a visual blog then popped up in my head and grew since then. Through Faithfully Rosas I am going to challenge myself to share my visual, style, and faith-based ingenuity with the hopes of influencing someone seeking the same inspiration. Like I said before, everyone has a story. I want to utilize mine to do better and live as beautifully as I can. Both literally and figuratively. This is so important to me and I cannot wait to see where this takes us.

I am passionate for who I am and what I do. If you would like to know more about me and the inspiration I am surrounded by, use my contact tab & lets grab some coffee. For now, you’ll catch me doin’ what I do best. Click the follow button & you’ll receive all of my updates directly in your inbox.

Thanks for stopping by!

Faithfully yours,